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Color Palette Finder

by Viktor Goltvyanytsya
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0
App Store $7.99


About Color Palette Finder

Powerful ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) palettes editor for iPhone and iPad.

•• Core Features ••

◯ Editing: Drag and drop swatches to reorder. RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, Lab and shades of gray color sliders.
◯ Ability to rename swatches and groups.
◯ Import and export: ACO (Adobe Color), ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange), ACT (Adobe Color Table), ACB (Adobe Photoshop Color Book), GPL (GIMP Palette), JASC-PAL (Paintshop Pro Palette) and Swatches (Procreate Palette).
◯ List of named colors.
◯ Sharing and copy/paste between your Mac and iCloud devices (Handoff).
◯ Image Extractor: it is possible to extract color palettes from the photos. They are can be opened from the Files app or Photo Gallery.
◯ System integration: you can see thumbnails in a Finder app, use Quick Look and edit ASE collection just by tap on a file.
◯ Dark and light theme.

Thanks for taking the time to look at Color Palette Finder. If you have any feature requests, feedback or questions; please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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