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by Francesco Bianco
iPhone iPad News Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About ReSurfer

Less is More

ReSurfer is a client for Reddit that has its minimal design as its strength. Every small component of the app has been designed to be essential and at the same time immediate. But don’t worry, despite the ReSurfer aspect it is able to best meet the needs of each Redditor. With ReSurfer you will be able to take advantage of the main features of Reddit, including:
• Scroll through your subscriptions
• Follow new communities
• Consult your personalized lists (multireddits)
• Consult notifications and messages
• Create posts with a fantastic Markdown editor
• Reply and comment on the links
• Rate and save your favorite content
As soon as you start the app you will find yourself immersed in the world of Reddit, on the Internet Front Page.

Keyword: Personalization

ReSurfer has been designed to be completely customizable: from content and sorting preferences to the size of each post. In fact, you can choose between:
• Compact and large posts;
• Autoplay of videos and gifs;
• A varied collection of themes! You will have the opportunity to truly make the app
yours, thanks to a collection of 10 themes created to make the app unique;
• Custom app icons! ReSurfer offers a large selection of icons
customized to choose from, choose your favorite!

Gestures to simplify your life

ReSurfer uses gestures to make any action in the app easier, vote, comment, share and much more. In addition to custom gestures ReSurfer takes advantage of the contextual menus offered by iOS 13. Do you use an iPad with a trackpad or mouse? No problem ! ReSurfer supports use with an external mouse (available from iOS 13.4).
Average for everyone
ReSurfer has been designed to provide an immersive experience, in fact it allows you to view videos, gifs, images, links without having to leave the app. It also makes it easy to share any content that is shown within the app, giving you the opportunity to share posts but also media instantly.