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Shout About

by Ben Harraway
iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Shout About

Get ready for a family friendly battle!!

Who can guess the drawing and be quickest on the buzzer?

In Shout About, things are a bit different. Using A.I. your device will draw a doodle - you just have to buzz in before anyone else, and shout the answer.

We use voice recognition, so no typing - and that means Shout About is perfect for all ages.

2 players can play on 1 device, and with our Local Network Play, any number of devices can join the game so... 3 players - sure, 6 players, yep... 100 players? If you've got enough friends and family, go for it!!!

It's crazy, it's manic, and it's super fun. With over 100 doodles and machine learning A.I. drawing, you'll never run out of fun with Shout About.

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