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by Claus Wolf
Mac Utilities Requires macOS 10.14


About Wayback

The Internet Archive offers access to > 591 billion archived web pages and with Wayback, you have an easy and convenient way to interact with this valuable resource.

Whether you want to see what your favorite website looked like 5 years ago, or you are doing research and want to ensure that a specific page gets added to the archive right now, this extension is right for you.

We developed the extension for convenient access and to stay with our vision of open and transparent functionality. To use this extension you do NOT need an account, you do NOT need to give up your privacy, but you DO get full control.

When you open the popover you'll see when a website was last archived, plus get access to the key features such as "Save Current Page", "Show Page History" or "Open Oldest Snapshot".

If you'd like you can setup a keyboard shortcut to quickly access the Page History, or if you prefer inject a small button to the bottom left of the current page, to take you there.

You can right click on a link or anywhere in the page and select from one of up to three context menus to help you interact with the website. You'll find a fully featured, privacy conscious experience.