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Shayes Apps LLC

iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Recurrence - Task List Manager

Recurrence helps you manage and track everything relating to the repeating tasks in your life so you never miss a thing again.

Recurrence is more than just another app that reminds you what needs to be done — it tracks what you did, too. An example: you have a pet that needs medication. Maybe it needs checkups at the vet, too. Recurrence can remind you when you need to do give it the medication it needs as well as to arrange a visit to the vet, all while tracking things from past ones — what it weighed during the last visit, which medication was prescribed, and anything else you think might be handy!

By changing the way you think about reminders and repeating tasks, Recurrence becomes more than an app that reminds you to do things — it becomes the place that tracks your entire life as well.

Recurrence features include:

◆ Task tracking and customizable repeats
Create tasks that repeat when you need them to with customizable options including a lock that prevents a task from being checked off before it's ready.

◆ Task organization
Add tags and more to your tasks and then use advanced filtering options so you'll always be able to find the tasks you're looking for. Or just search, it's up to you!

◆ Task customization
Tasks can be configured to show all kinds of information including the number of occurrences, the last completion, notes, and more.

◆ Siri Shortcut support
Mark tasks as completed using nothing but your voice.

◆ Full task history and notes
You'll see when tasks were completed as well as notes from each completion, great for tasks that you want to keep a track of over time.

◆ Full widget support
Now you can see your recurring tasks right on your Home Screen or Lock Screen.

◆ Cross-device support
Your tasks follow you from iPhone to iPad to Mac and back again with seamless syncing.

Recurrence is a free download with ad support and a five-task limit. Remove ads and unlock unlimited tasks with Recurrence Premium — available as a monthly or annual subscription, or lifetime purchase. Premium subscriptions can be canceled at any time, but will renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the next payment is due.

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