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MTB Hangtime

iPhone iPad Watch Sports Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About MTB Hangtime

Hangtime is a ride computer app that uses your phone's GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer to track every aspect of your ride.

General Stats
- Elevation stats
- Speed stats
- Distance stats
- Compare current period with previous week/month/year

- Vertical & horizontal distance
- Distinguishes up vs. down distance to differentiate drops vs step ups
- Hangtime per jump and total hangtime per ride
- Historical jump performance & leaderboard
- 3d graph of jump path through space to determine if jump was cleared or cased

- Avg/max gforce
- Avg/max Lean Angle
- Historical turn performance & leaderboard

- Create new segments & favorite existing segments
- View trends in past segment performance during post-ride analysis
- View current live segment performance graphed over boxplot of all past efforts
- Track Personal Records and King of Mountain leader

- Share position beacon with friends for safety, meetups, etc
- View a friend’s shared beacons to see users current location, segment time, and other live ride stats

2-Way Radio
- Share your radio with friends
- Push-to-talk on a shared radio for quick communication while riding, changing plans, etc.

- Overlay up to 4k telemetry data on top of action camera video
- Pick widgets from jumps, turns, speed, elevation, maps to add to the overlay
- Trim/cut favorite parts, combine multiple videos
- Variety of render setting to balance quality and speed (resolution, fps, bit rate, etc)
- Wind noise reduction
- Add background music track

- Automatically identifies lift rides
- Subtracts distance/elevation traveled while on lift
- Tracks total runs/lift count

- View color-coded speed track
- Fine grained zoomable elevation profile for detailed elevation/grade analysis
- Trim start or end of activity (ex. Accidentally recorded the car ride home)
- 3d interactive map showing actual path traveled in 3 dimensions with color-coded elevation grade

Terms of Use: