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Braille Scanner

by Aaron F Stephenson
iPhone Education Requires iOS 14.7


About Braille Scanner

A page of Braille instantly changes to text with Braille Scanner.

Using a combination of computer vision to locate the page and Machine Learning to match Braille to letters, Braille Scanner can show English letters above the Braille. The matched text can be copied for use in other applications, or spoken via Text-To-Speech.

Braille Scanner is an excellent tool to help check the written word when learning to type Braille.
- A teacher can use it to help check work in a classroom situation.
- Proof read an assignment before sending it for marking.
- Transcribe old documents before they become difficult to read.

Of the various types of Braille in use, Braille Scanner currently recognises documents written in Unified English Braille (UEB Grade 1) commonly referred to as uncontracted Braille.

Braille Scanner has been trained to recognise single pages of paper. Signs and other objects with Braille may not be recognised. Help to improve Braille Scanner by using the “Report incorrect Braille” option after scanning the sign or object. The image will be used to expand and refine the Machine Learning model that is used by Braille Scanner.

Feature listing:
- Auto document detection and scan
- Paper page distortion correction
- On device Machine Learning
- Braille conversion using Unified English Braille (UEB Grade 1)
- Text-To-Speech
- Export converted Braille as text
- Export Braille characters
- 17 different app icons

Braille Scanner is available for free - there are no subscriptions or in-app purchase items, and no registration is required. Data stays on the device used, and Braille Scanner has zero analytics data gathering.

If you have any questions, feedback or feature requests I’d love to hear from you. I’m an indie developer working on this app and all feedback is welcome.

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