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Captionista — Video Subtitles

by Montana Floss Co. Ltd.
iPhone iPad Photo & Video Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Captionista — Video Subtitles

Captionista is a free app for adding accurate subtitles and captions to videos. With full control of pacing and subtitle length you make a greater impact and readability is improved.

Many themes and color schemes are included for free, with a Pro subscription option to unlock full control.

“A big win for accessibility on your videos.” — TechRadar

“This wonderfully conceived app removes the faff from subtitling.” —


1. You type in all the text while watching to the video. Change speed if you need to slow it down.

2. Choose a style

3. Tap to split text at the right time in the video

4. Export the video on your device in minutes.

There’s no need for artificial intelligence when you have real intelligence!


• Script editor with video player, slow mode and skip controls for quickly typing the text to add to the video all at once.
• Unique timing editor — tap on a word to split the text at the current video time.
• Free-form editing: Text edits automatically update subtitles in the timing editor. Adjust timing, merge and re-split subtitles easily without affecting later subtitles.
• Choose themes and color schemes selected for high contrast and readability.
• Save custom themes synced with iCloud and share theme files with others (requires Pro).
• Pre-flight Check warns about video size, quality and length issues for common social networks.
• Automatic subtitle insets avoid the user interface of apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels.
• Looping video player makes it easy to keep reviewing progress.
• Smart Zoom to focus in on just the subtitles in the video.
• Warnings about reading speeds and subtitles that will not show in full.


• Intelligent style controls that work together to give great results every time.
• Adjust the text area size and position, maximum lines, line length and alignment.
• Custom text size, fonts, shadows, colors and outlines (requires Pro).
• Custom subtitle background styles, colors and padding (requires Pro).


• Exclude audio if not required.
• Automatically scale low quality videos up to 1080p for high quality subtitle text.
• Option to scale down high resolution videos down to 1080p for faster uploads.
• Export directly to Photos or to other apps using the share sheet

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