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Michael Tigas

iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0
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Block distracting Apps & Websites with Focused Work

Published: Nov. 26, 2021


About Pomodoro Timer - Focused Work

"A simple, but valuable utility for creating timed focus sessions of productivity." - MacStories "Focused Work helps you stay on track better than ever" - iMore "Focused Work makes it easy to create and manage Focused Sessions." - 9to5Mac "A tool that helps overcome that first step." - Knapsack

Focused Work is a powerful timer that helps you have highly productive days.

Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, it’s purpose-built for people who want to focus for long periods of time.

You can create repeatable Focus Sessions that are structured to tackle any kind of task or goal, comprised of Work, Break, and Planning stages.

It helps you be more accountable, reminds you to focus, reflect, and build healthy productivity habits by completing daily goals.

Core Features

· A simple timer that keeps you on-task Pick a task. Start the timer. Get stuff done!

· Customise your Focus Sessions for Deep Focus Add structure with Work, Break, and Planning stages, so you can always work at your best

· Run sessions for Daily Tasks, or Focus Techniques Tailor sessions for study, mindfulness, and work tasks, or timed configurations like Pomodoro, and organize them into groups

· Reminders Set reminders to start a session when you get to work, and be reminded to stay on-task during a session

· Reflection Briefly journal at the end of each session to learn from your productivity habits, and what you can improve for next time

· Daily Goals & Streaks Complete daily productivity goals that help you form healthy habits over time

· Block distracting Apps & Websites Restrict access to apps & websites during a session or during particular stages, to avoid breaking focus

· Advanced time tracking with Toggl Track Assign Projects and Tags to sessions for a deeper analysis on how you're spending your time

Ecosystem Features

Focused Work is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, with extensive support for each platform;

· Lock Screen Widgets See the currently remaining time at a glance, or your daily goal progress

· Focus Filters Filter groups of sessions when a Focus is turned on

· App Shortcuts Start a session and perform actions via Shortcuts, Siri, and Spotlight. Start a session, Pause, Skip, Restart.

· Interactive Charts A new productivity dashboard with detailed charts. Filter by Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

· Floating Timer Always show the timer above other apps, with Picture-in-Picture mode

· Automatically turn on Focus Trigger shortcuts as you progress through a session; such as turning on Focus to silence alerts

· Session Alerts on all devices Start a session on Mac, and receive update alerts on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

· iCloud Syncing Work from iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Created sessions and productivity stats will be available on all devices.

· Start a session from other apps Start a session from the Share Sheet, Services, Reminders, or any Task Manager app

· Style the Timer, Widgets, and Icon Customise the app to fit your style, and blend the widgets into your Home Screen

· Productivity Export Export completed sessions in CSV format

· Privacy Focused Your data is securely stored and managed via iCloud. No account registration.

· More goodies across the platforms Keyboard Shortcuts, VoiceOver, Split View & Slide Over, Low Power Mode, Drag & Drop, Dark Mode themes, Quick Actions, Sidebar Navigation, URL Schemes, Menu Bar Timer, Alfred automation

If you have any questions, please reach out to focusedworkapp@michaeltigas.com.au

Privacy Policy: https://focusedwork.app/privacypolicy/ Terms of Use: https://focusedwork.app/termsofuse/

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