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Exporter for Contacts 2

by Stefan Keller
Mac Utilities Requires macOS 12.0


About Exporter for Contacts 2

Exporter for Contacts lets you export Address Book contacts to CSV, XLSX Spreadsheet for Excel and Numbers, Outlook OLM, Outlook CSV (incl. Microsoft 365) and various other formats, capable of organizing export setups into reusable templates to make repeated exports much easier. Compared to similar apps, Exporter for Contacts offers the highest level of flexibility for exporting contact data from iCloud and other sources while remaining easy to use.

# Main Features

Exporter for Contacts has many features that make the app stand out from the crowd. You can create as many export setups as you want for recurring exports. Each setup automatically remembers which contacts and contact fields you have selected. You can select whole address book accounts, groups and also individual contacts together for export in one go. In addition to the handy Simple Field Chooser, you can also specify in more detail what should be exported and in which order for formats like XLSX Spreadsheet for Excel and Numbers, CSV and XML using the Custom Export Layout Editor. The app can also format phone numbers in a uniform way during export. Furthermore, you can combine any fields in a single column. For example, you can create a spreadsheet where column A contains the display name, company and job title, and column B contains phone numbers and email addresses. The field names can be exported as section headers if you wish.

Independent of the user interface language (currently supported: English and German) you can display and export field and label names in one of the 39 additionally supported languages for different export formats. The output language can be set separately for each export setup.

# Export Formats

Exporter for Contacts can do more than a simple converter that just write all contacts with all fields into a big CSV file at the push of a button (although you can also use it this way). Besides special formats like Google Contacts and Outlook for Windows CSV/Outlook for Microsoft 365 CSV, it also directly supports the Outlook for Mac OLM format with all the trimmings. Of course, the app can also generate CSV and Excel files, and you can specify in detail which fields to export and in what order.

When exporting as a CSV or Excel Spreadsheet file, the app even supports address book fields that do not exist in the Contacts app. For example, it can export street name and house number separately. It can also combine data neatly. If a contact has multiple email addresses or phone numbers, they can be easily exported as a list into a single table cell.

# Privacy

Exporter for Contacts doesn't collect any data. All contact conversion takes place locally on your Mac.

# Pricing

A full-fledged app like this that does not charge for updates and that does not display ads has (and has to have) it’s price. In a free basic mode, Exporter for Contacts can create custom vCards (these are vCards where you decide which fields are exported). This allows you to download the app for free and play with it to get a feel if it could be of use to you. All other export formats than “Custom vCard” can be activated by an affordable one-time purchase. This in-app purchase supports Family Sharing and can be shared by everyone in a family group.


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