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Space Xploration

by Bartolome Estelrich
iPhone iPad News Requires iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6


About Space Xploration

The information shown in this app corresponds to all Missions, Sections and Statistics that took place between March 2006 and December 2022.
Due to the activity suspension of our information provider we are unable to continue maintaining this project with the current financial model. That being said, we hope you had fun with this content and enjoyed this app as much as we did developing it.

Space Xploration provides updated information about all the Space X missions and company sections, presenting a whole variety of details for space enthusiasts. Through a simple and refined design this app will allow you to review previous launches, check for a specific detail or even watch the entire mission within the app or in the background when you are doing another task.

In the Statistics section of the app you will find real time accurate data coming from previous records such as: the total of Space X missions happening per year with its success rate, a quick glance of the next/last mission dates or even the number of missions that every astronaut has completed so far.

Those are some of the key features you’ll find in the app:
- Missions in great detail with the possibility of filtering them by upcoming or past.
- All the existing rockets, astronauts, dragons, ships, launchpads and land pads with their respective details section.
- Statistics based on real time data of the missions.
- Video livestream for past or live missions.
- Countdown to the next mission.
- Push notification for live launches.
- Light and dark mode.
- Multiple app icon and sound customization options.
- A whole variety of accent colors to choose from
- Widgets.

Please feel free to reach us to provide any feedback or suggestions. If you are already enjoying Space Xploration leaving a nice review on the App Store would be greatly appreciate it. Find us on Twitter at @TheBitsFactory