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one sec | screen time + focus

by Frederik Riedel
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About one sec | screen time + focus

In contrast to Screen Time, one sec delays access to apps and websites instead of blocking them completely – this is fundamentally different than any other screen time tool you’ve tried before!

Have you tried a digital detox? And it did not work, because you fall back into your habits immediately? 

Well here is the solution:

one sec solves our unhealthy phone relationship at its roots: by making distracting apps less appealing, our brains lose interest to open them all the time without proper intention.

The effectiveness of one sec has been confirmed in a peer-reviewed scientific study with the Max-Planck Institute and Heidelberg University: app usage drops by 57% on average! Long-term!

Fight the social media algorithms and win back control over your phone usage & your subconsciousness!

“one sec” uses Shortcuts Automation to toggle a deep breath animation whenever you open one of the configured apps (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…). This breaks unconcious social media habits short-term (literally, as soon as you have set it up) and even helps long-term by adding more friction when opening these apps.

Did you really want to open Instagram? Or was it just because you're bored waiting for your bus?
This app helps you to reflect your actions, thoughts, and feelings; disrupting harmful social media habits with mindfulness.

On top of that, “one sec” also contributes your mindful moments to the Health App via HealthKit.

Especially for people with ADHD one sec is a great tool to gain back control for incredible focus and concentration.

Integrations and collabs:
- You can set up one sec to sync tasks with Structured, so you won't be able to access social media apps during ongoing unfinished tasks.
- You can set up one sec to learn a new language with LENGO, so every time you open social media, you have to answer a handful of vocabularies.

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