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AR Calisthenics & HIIT

by Viktor Maric
iPhone iPad Watch Mac Health & Fitness Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Coachy: AR Calisthenics & HIIT

Coachy is a smart training partner for all your workouts, regardless of what equipment you have. In addition, you can bring Coachy alive with Augmented Reality to observe the exercises and have an amazing workout experience.

Coachy generates a personalized routine every day just for you, based on your fitness level, your goals, the types of equipment to which you have access, and feedback from your previous workouts. You can also choose from pre-made workouts or create your own from scratch. For an amazing workout experience, work out together with Coachy both in 3D and AR modes. While you work out, you can listen to your favorite Apple Music playlists and albums right from the app.

• Daily workouts: Coachy creates a personalized workout just for you every day. After completing a workout, you can give Coachy feedback about your session, and based on that, Coachy can determine if your subsequent daily workouts need to be modified.
• Pre-made workouts: You can browse and choose from Coachy’s pre-made workouts. Each of them is available in four difficulties, so you can choose the workout that best suits your fitness level.
• Custom workouts: You can create workouts from scratch with complete flexibility.
• Workout Generator: You can use this powerful tool to generate workouts with over 20,000 configuration options.
• All of the workouts are completely customizable: You can change, add or re-order exercises, change the number of rounds, and the duration of rest between exercises and between rounds.
• All of the workouts are guided by Coachy to give you an amazing training experience.
• You can start your workouts with warm-up and finish with cool-down.
• Workout together with your friends and family members using SharePlay! Just simply start a workout while you are on a FaceTime call and enjoy the training together.
• Screen Mirroring: You can easily mirror your active workout to any external display and TV. The UI will be optimized for the large interface.
• Live Activities

• Browse from nearly 200 exercises.
• All of the exercises and equipment can be viewed in Augmented Reality. You can also see the instructions for the exercises in AR.
• You can also change the appearance of Coachy.

• Set weekly workout goals.
• Track your workout history with charts and a calendar.
• Track your weekly goals with widgets.

• Start workout
• Next exercise
• Show workout weather
• Show weekly summary
• SharePlay workout

• Get weather data and sportswear recommendation.
• Available also for Home & Lock Screen widgets.

On watchOS:
• You can have an even better workout experience with the watchOS version of the app.
• Allows you to see on your wrist the current exercise, the time of the workout, your heart rate and the calories you’ve burned.
• Track your weekly goals with the complications.

The Coachy app syncs the length of the workouts with Apple Health. If you use Coachy on watchOS, your BPM and kcal burned are also saved with Apple Health.

The app supports dark and light modes.

All of the workouts and histories are saved on your device and on your iCloud, if it is enabled.

Coachy Premium:
With Coachy Premium you can have access to all of the workouts and create unlimited workouts. The first seven days are free.
Coachy Premium is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. Coachy will automatically charge your iTunes Account at the end of your subscription unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time and still receive full functionality until the end of your current period, but we can't refund unused portions of the subscription. Only the Premium Family Monthly and the Premium Family Yearly in-app purchases can be shared with Family Sharing.

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