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Dont Text

Block Spam Texts

by Tyler Kennedy
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Dont Text: Block Spam Texts

Block. Spam. Texts.

Dont Text creates a junk folder in your messages app and sends spam texts to the junk folder for you. With Dont Text installed and enabled on your device, you never get notifications from annoying spam texts and spam is automatically sent to your junk folder. Dont Text makes it easy for you to block spam texts on your device and you get started it in minutes.

Customize Filtering
Dont Text allows you to customize how you block spam texts. Inside the app, you can create keywords to filter text messages from unknown senders. Create a blocking keyword to filter any text containing that keyword and send the text to junk. Use allow keywords to prevent important texts from accidentally ending up in junk and make sure you never miss an important text.

Dont Text does not save your contacts or texts that you send. Dont Text only checks text messages from unknown senders to filter spam. Dont Text cannot access text messages between you and your contacts, or any texts that you send. Dont Text can only check incoming messages from a number not saved in your contacts and this information is never stored and never leaves your phone.