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Welding Toolbox 2

by Antoni Kepinski
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 12.4, iPadOS 12.4
App Store $4.99


About Welding Toolbox 2


This app contains a set of useful tools related to welding inspection, including:

- Heat input calculator
- Equivalent carbon content (CEQ, CET & CE AWS) calculator
- Critical metal parameter (PCM) calculator
- Pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) calculator

Heat input calculation works according to EN 1011-1 norm.


- Supports metric & imperial systems
- Supports custom fields
- Includes result history and export as a spreadsheet (XLSX file) feature
- Created in cooperation with professional welding engineers
- Lightweight & fast
- Free & fully open-source
- Without ads or in-app purchases

Source code repository: https://github.com/xxczaki/welding-toolbox-2


You can ask questions, report issues and provide suggestions by:
- sending an email to appstore@parsify.eu
- creating an issue in our GitHub repository