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by Ammad Ur Rehman
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About HacKit

HacKit is a beautiful reader for reading Hacker News on the Mac. It emphasises on a simplified reading experience built for macOS Big Sur design language.

• Supports Touch Bar with customisation.
• Customisable unified toolbar.
• Keyboard shortcuts.
• Re-order sidebar categories by drag and drop.
• Adjustable font size for stories list and story.
• Supports Dark mode. Choose system appearance (automatic) or set a preferred appearance.
• Search stories and polls from Algolia or the latest feeds from Hacker News.
• Drag a Hacker News story link and drop it on to HacKit app icon to read the story on HacKit.
• Choose which category HacKit opens with.
• Customise story author badge colour.
• Customise sidebar icons tint colour. Orange as a nod to the website or your chosen accent colour from System Preferences.
• Coloured comments indentation.
• Supports multiple windows to focus on reading a story.
• Read any Hacker News story by copying and pasting the link in HacKit by clicking, Open Story from URL... (⇧⌘O) menu option.
• View user profiles.
• and many more.

There are no ads, analytics nor data collections. Just pure reading content with no nonsense. Browse and enjoy without any worries to your privacy.

Made by a British developer from London, England, UK.

Questions? Suggestions? Bugs? I would love to hear from you. You can tweet me on Twitter, @anosidium or GitHub, https://github.com/anosidium/HacKit-Feedback-And-Support

What is Hacker News?
Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham's investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator. In general, content that can be submitted is defined as "anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity.” — Wikipedia