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Web Debugging Proxy

by TablePlus Inc
iPhone iPad Developer Tools Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Proxyman - Web Debugging Proxy

Meet a superb Web Debugging Proxy that can act like a middleMan, aka Proxyman. 

Proxyman for iOS works perfectly with Proxyman for macOS (native macOS app, Support Big Sur and M1 Chip).


  • Capture HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from iOS Devices with built-in Proxyman VPN
  • View HTTP/HTTPS Request/Response in plain text
  • Exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad (Landscape and Two Columns)
  • Share traffic to Proxyman macOS - a native macOS app for better reviewing
  • Pin working domains
  • Quick filter with URL, Header Body, and Type of Request/Response (e.g. JSON, Form, HTML, CSS, Document, etc)
  • Better Request/Response Previewer: Multiple columns, JSON Preview, JSON TreeView, etc
  • Safe Lock: Protect your sensitive data with FaceID / TouchID / Passcode
  • Advanced Debugging Tools: SSL Proxying, Block List, Map Local, Breakpoint, etc

How it works

Proxyman iOS creates a local VPN on your device, then forwarding all traffic to a Local Man-in-The-Middle Server. As long as the VPN is active, Proxyman iOS can capture all traffic over Wi-Fi, Cellular Data.

How about my sensitive data?

  • Proxyman Root Certificate is a self-signed certificate that is generated in your local machine. Thus, all requests and responses are captured and stored on your devices and Proxyman does not have access to your data.
  • There are no remote servers involved. What’s in your devices, it’s in your devices.

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