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Shx Guo

Mac Utilities Requires macOS 10.13
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About MarkInside

MarkInside is a math equation, diagram generator. It currently supports LaTeX Math, Mermaid, and any HTML.

Single source of truth

Many other apps require you to code in a source file and use it to generate images. This can be quite bothersome for two reasons. One is that you can not ensure that the image you have matches the latest source code. Maybe someone changed the code but forgot to generate a new image. Two, you will have to manage both the source code and the image. If you are putting them inside other files, you may soon lose the connection between the two files.

There is no *.markinside file generated alongside when you save images from code. The images are just the single source of truth. You can simply open them in MarkInside to make changes.

  • Some apps or services may compress your images and wipe away the embedded source codes. You can try to save it as SVG or PDF to bypass this issue.

Live Preview

MarkInside offers you a side-by-side editor, you can see the result as you type or change preferences.

You can adjust windows size and canvas background color, to see how well the output image will suit your use case.

Use Everywhere

The generated files are just images in PNG, SVG, and PDF. This means you can use them everywhere, without the need for the viewer to support rendering Mermaid, etc.

Power-up with Blocks & Templates

MarkInside's block-based editor allows you to keep complicated content readable. With a reasonable arrangement of code blocks, you can also make reusable templates to power up MarkInside.

Check the templates we made to see how it works:

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