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by Ashley Richards
iPhone Lifestyle Requires iOS 14.0


About TribuCode

Register for a TribuCode account and create a memorial for your loved one. Once you are happy with it you then submit your memorial to us for review along with their death certificate to verify authenticity. Once the memorial has been approved, you're presented with a summary screen to manage the memorials tributes, analytics and more. You can still fully edit your memorial at any time once published.

- You control every aspect of each memorial you own with a host of customised options to make it unique to them.
- Allow anyone to submit their own tributes and you'll be notified to review them and you decide whether they should be displayed or not.

There is NO app analytics and your data is safely secured. The only analytics is from people viewing the memorial that only the memorial admins can see. No information about you or anyone - just a simple visit counter.

There are plenty more features to come which will be included in any plan you select.

Terms & Conditions:

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