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Cue It

Interval Timer

by Justin Hopkins
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0
App Store $2.99


About Cue It - Interval Timer

Stay on track with Cue It!
Create lists of timers, called “Cues”, to stay on track for each step in a routine of yours. When one timer on your list ends, the next timer starts.

For when you need to track time on something split into smaller parts, Cue It makes sure you don't miss a beat.
- Stay in shape: Create Cues for your fitness routines, with timers for each exercise and break
- Get productive: Create a Cue with a Pomodoro Timer loop (25 minutes of work, followed by a 5 minute break)
- Find relaxation: Create a Cue for meditation breathing techniques to relax or help with sleep, such as 4-7-8 Breathing

When you start a Cue, two countdown timers will be displayed - one for your current individual timer, and another for how much time is left in total. If you aren't able to keep constant focus on your device, you can also enable features such as Sound Effects, Vibrations, or Text-to-Speech Narration whenever a new timer starts.

Cues can be created for all kinds of purposes, including:
- Fitness/Workout Routines (Interval Timers)
- Productivity (Pomodoro Timers)
- Meditation/Breathing Techniques
- Basic Food Preparation
- Presentation Practice

Need to multitask with Cue In the background? While a Cue is active, you can also toggle the Notification Bell to enable/disable notifications for when a new timer starts, if you are away from Cue It.

If you want to stick to a schedule, you can also set timed reminders to perform a Cue at a later time - either for a specific time and date, or repeating reminders on specific weekdays at a particular time.