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Speedo Trip

Private Recorder

by Moshe Reuveni
iPhone iPad Navigation Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0
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About Speedo Trip: Private Recorder

Let your device help you get more out of your trips!
Whether you're on your regular commute or whether you're on the trip of your lifetime, let your device show your live location on the map, as well as your heading, speed, and altitude.
Record your trips, so you can document where you've been, how fast and high you were, and how much distance you've covered.
... And play these recordings back to relive the memories!

I developed this app because I am a train buff and I wanted to document some of my favourite train journeys. With that in mind, it is fairly obvious the app will serve the exact same need regardless of whether you're on board a train, a plane, a boat, cycling, on foot, or in a car (but not while driving!).

The app offers the following features:
1. View your current live location on the map, together with your heading, speed, and altitude. These figures are based on your device's GPS readings.
2. Record "films" of your trips' location, heading, speed, and altitude over time.
3. Similarly, you can record a single "snapshot" of your current location, heading, speed, and altitude.
4. Play back your trips' films and snapshots!
When you play a film, playback will include the total distance from the start of the trip to the point in the film that you're currently at.
5. Speed and altitude graphs for your recorded trip films. These show how your speed and altitude varied over the duration of your recorded trip.
6. Choose your preferred speed unit, whether it's kmh, mph, meters per second, knots, or even light speed (not the most practical, I admit, but interesting nevertheless).
Similarly, you can choose your preferred length unit for altitude and distance.
7. Your trip films and snapshots are saved to your device as well as your personal iCloud account, where they are backed up and synchronised across your devices.
8. Real privacy: no data is collected by the app, and none of your data is shared with any third parties whatsoever! Feel free to check the app's Privacy Policy for further details.
Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning there are no ads, trackers, or other catches.

I do have to provide the following warnings regarding the use of the app:
1. Do not use the app while operating a vehicle!
2. Do not exceed speed limits, or speeds greater than is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances.
3. Do not consider the location and speed data presented by the app to be accurate.

*** Important notes: ***
Please be aware the app will not work on wifi only devices, such as iPads without cellular connectivity.
Also note that due to its use of precise GPS information, extensive use of the app may drain your device battery.

I hope you will enjoy using our app. Please let me know if you have any feedback: you can contact me through my website or through the app itself (under Settings).

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