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Filip Němeček

iPhone Utilities Requires iOS 13.0


About Afterminder

With Afterminder you can quickly create reminders based on current time.

For example, you start your dishwasher and create reminder that will notify you after two hours.

Once you have favorite or recent reminders, creating new one is just a single tap away.

Afterminder creates reminders in the official Reminders app, so you can manage the existing reminders there and also get them on your iPad, Watch or Mac.

There are predefined times for new reminders and you can use the slider to set custom time.

Supports configurable Siri Shortcuts. You can create new reminders either via Siri or using the Shortcuts app. You can also add your favorite reminders to Siri (tap and hold on the card).

There are also alternative app icons you can explore.

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