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Spruce for MongoDB

by Pier-Luc Gendreau
Mac Developer Tools Requires macOS 10.13
App Store $22.99


About Spruce for MongoDB

World-class database, meet world-class editor.

- Real-time query results for always fresh, up-to-date documents.

- Related documents are just a tap away with automatic schema discovery and generate JSON schemas or TypeScript interfaces for any collection.

- Export and import collections and find or aggregate queries.

- Intuitively query documents with auto-complete for find, aggregate, distinct, and explain queries and switch from one to another in a pinch.

- Query history keeps track of what you tried so you can easily go back in time.

- Auto-save gets you back precisely where you left off.

- Connect to multiple databases simultaneously.

- Find, aggregate, distinct, and explain queries.

- Create, update, and delete documents.