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by Colin Grenfell
iPad Utilities Requires iPadOS 14.0


About LightFinger

For use with Eos® lighting consoles. Use any moving light in your rig as a followspot!

Sometimes it’s just not possible to have a dedicated followspot for your show, but you might well have moving lights in your rig which are more than up to the job. 

It’s possible to follow a performer onstage using multiple cues and timings in the cue stack , but that doesn’t allow for any flexibility in performance, or for the rare occasions a performer makes a mistake!

It’s often not feasible for the lighting operator to manually track performers with moving lights using the console, either as they are too busy running the show, or their line of sight to the stage is not great. The Eos® software, superb as it is, might not be ideally suited to the live operation of moving lights as manual followspots.

Enter LightFinger… select the channel you want to control and your screen accurately maps the moving light on stage to the screen. You can control intensity and beam position with the app or simultaneously through the console.

For show safety, Eos® can enable and disable control of LightFinger, and select the correct channel to be used.

Use with a wifi connection, or (for greater peace of mind) ethernet, with an appropriate connector.

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