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Menu Bar Timer


Henri Bredt

Mac Utilities Requires macOS 12.0
App Store $1.99


About Chrono - Menu Bar Timer

Chrono makes creating timers easy and fast!

Simply execute a custom defined global shortcut or use the menu to start a new countdown timer. Great for time boxing to boost your productivity. Afterwards, you can analyze what you have been working on in the log view. Additionally user-definable QuickTimers available.

• Specify optionally a title and tag for timers
• See the remaining seconds and the title of the timer in the menu bar
• Receive a notification or an alert when the timer ends
• Customisable QuickTimers that can be started via a custom shortcut or from the menu
• Extend timers if needed
• View, filter and analyze your recent timers
• Launch at login option

Boost your productivity by starting a timer for each task you want to accomplish and define how long you want to be working on that. See the time left counting down in the menu bar and take advantage of Parkinson's law (work expands to fill the time available for its completion).

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