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by Gokul Nair
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 14.3, iPadOS 14.3


About Dock!

Dock! is a workflow management app that helps you to manage your work more organized and hassle freeway. Dock! is an all-in-one app using which you can add Reminders, Notes, and Todos too.

With the launch of Dock, we bring you a new concept called Dock Category. So basically now you can distribute your work into various categories. These categories are called Dock. For adding every note/reminder you need a Dock. The best part is you can design your own Dock. Every Dock can be protected using your device's local authentication.

You can add unlimited notes/reminders/items on Dock. Once you have completed an item you can delete it or mark it as complete. Dock provides you personalized score in order to boost productivity.

While adding Dock Item we have provided multiple tools. Now you can add your Dock Item using Voice Recognition, Dock Scanner, or through an image.

The best part is Dock! supports iCloud Sync, so that you always be in your ecosystem. Make sure you turn on the iCloud support for Dock! from your Device settings.

Other than all these things we have added minor features like Siri support, custom notification sound and etc. What are you waiting for, Go download Dock! and enjoy the new world of Note taking.

Permission Notice
Camera: Used to scan documents and images in order to add notes.
Microphone: Used to attach text to notes.
Notification: In order to receive reminders
Gallery access: Used to scan images present in the gallery.

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