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by Anastasios Chondrogiannis
iPhone Health & Fitness


About Nutrac

A simple yet useful food diary you will want to use every day!

Nutrac will assist you in your effort to:

- Adjust your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle.
- Detect the foods that cause you trouble.
- Remember to eat on time without skipping any meals.
- Lose excess weight.

You can also use Nutrac to monitor your baby’s diet or the diet of any other loved ones in your life!

Nutrac lets you register:

- your meals. Each meal may include one or more foods.
- your drinks.
- your medicine.
- your supplements.
- your symptoms.

The free edition of Nutrac allows you to perform up to 70 registrations. You may upgrade to the Premium edition anytime you wish.

With the Premium edition you may additionally:

- Perform unlimited registrations.
- Keep backups of your data.