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Expense Tracker

by Omar Inam
iPhone iPad Finance


About Surplus: Expense Tracker

Surplus is a monthly expense tracker that takes into account your monthly income, expenses and upcoming payments to provide you with a clear overview of your leftover spend.

-- Spend Wisely --
Know how much you have left to spend, including your subscriptions and installments.

-- Profile Your Spend --
Gain insights into your spend habits and how they apply to your needs, wants and savings

-- Adaptable Workflows --
Manual or automatic, easily sync and categorize transactions from all your accounts.

-- Widgets --
Customize your home screen with widgets that showcase your leftover spend, upcoming transactions and buckets.

-- Interactive Reports --
Customizable reports for your historic and upcoming spend with support for CSV Export.

-- Privately Synced with iCloud --
All financial data is stored on your device(s) and synced privately via your iCloud Account. We do not store any personal information or transaction data on our servers.

Surplus is free to use with pro features that can be activated via in-app purchases. Surplus Pro can be purchased as a one time payment or as a recurring subscription. Current pricing and purchase offers are available in the app.

By downloading and using Surplus you agree to our terms and conditions:
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Surplus is an indie app developed and maintained by Omar Inam. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact me through Twitter @_oinam