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Sambot for Bitrise

by Jay & Jay
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Sambot for Bitrise

Sambot is an unofficial Bitrise client who helps you to be more efficient in your CI experience!

With Sambot app:

• Add, Run and Rerun recurrent Workflows (on any combination of projects, branches, or tags) at a glance
• Have Quick Access to your most important Projects and follow their Builds and Health at any time
• Be notified as soon as a Build finished (success or error) to act in the nick of time
• See all details of any Builds and restart or abord them in one tap
• Analytics Insights of your projects with tons of metrics computed from all their builds: Cost, Duration, Success/Failure rates, Waiting time, Number of builds... These metrics are presented in beautiful colored charts, grids or highlights
• Download all build artifacts easily
• Add favorite Artifacts on Dashboard and automatically get instant access to their last version
• Quickly understand why and where your Build has failed with Error Analysis
• Follow builds Steps (live or afterward) parsed from Bitrise log to instantly identify what's happening
• Find the build you are looking for with a powerful search engine to inspect, rerun or abort it instantly
• Launch your favorites Workflows / Builds with Shortcut & Siri
• See projects Statistics (success, failure & average duration) and projects Trends through a nice weather forecast representation
• Get a comprehensive & understandable Test Report summary for your builds, parsed from CI logs
• Save Build configuration for Quick Redo later
• Synchronize all your favorite Projects, Workflows, and custom environment parameters across all your devices with iCloud sync
• Have an intuitive Onboarding and easy access to the most useful features
• Build logs from Bitrise are parsed and colorized with themes
• All private information is encrypted and protected from the outside world
• Sambot app is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS (Apple silicon only)

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Sambot Terms of Use are available at: