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by Caven Lim
Mac Graphics & Design Requires macOS 11.0


About DuckMode

Discover your desired colour while designing, coding or exploring. DuckMode’s colour options will definitely ease the hassle you’ll have to find colour from Light to Dark or vice versa.

*** DuckMode is completely free so you’ll get access to all the features be it now or in days to come. ***

Get your colours be it by hex code, rgb code and many more….


◆ Saving Colours (new this version)
⁃ Users can now see save their favourite colours and be able to see them on the homepage.
- Users can also view their favourite colours on different Macs since we have started supporting syncing of iCloud, they just have to be logged in with same Apple ID.

◆ Complementary Mode
⁃ Users can now see complementary colours of their selected colours in this mode.

◆ Random Mode
⁃ Users can now get inspiration from random colours mode if they’re ever lost.

◆ Dark to Light/ Light to Dark
⁃ There are options to toggle depending on users if they want the colours from light to dark or otherwise.
- Users can also toggle it when the input is filled or when colour is selected with colour picker
so that users don’t have to retype or rechoose between each mode.

◆ Color Picker/ Color Input
- The colour picker will allow a better experience for user since they can choose and see accordingly without having to know the hex code.
- It supports various type of colour codes from Rgb to Cmyk thus most of the colour code formats are supported.
- However the colour input field only supports hex code for now.

◆ Color List
- The selected colour either from colour picker or input field will be shown horizontally on a list where user can scroll through to see it in the mode they selected be it dark or light ordered.

◆ Color Invalidation
- The colour that user input has to be in correct hex code format eg: #fff or fff else they will be warned of invalid code.
- That is why there is the colour picker.

◆ Copy Colour Code
- There will also be a function in the colour list to copy the hex code or rgb code that user can just directly use in wherever they might need the colour code.


◆ There will be no tracking at all and we won’t be storing any information too, it is as safe as it sounds.


DuckMode - Hi, my name is Caven a developer from Singapore this is my first MacOs application released on the App Store developed using SwiftUI all by myself, this application was created to help many like myself that always get a headache trying to find the colour i want and it is usually very tedious so I thought why not help many like myself do so.

Get your own DuckMode now!!

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