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Simple Spender 2

by Kwok Chun Hin
iPhone iPad Finance Requires iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5
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Spending Organizer

Published: Jan. 5, 2022


About Simple Spender 2

Organize Your Expense
Keep track of your expenses and income within a few taps. Track how much you spend on each category.

Plan Monthly Budget
Create personalized budgets and stick with your plans.

Visualize Data
Summarize your income & expense into graphs and charts. See how much you spend each week, month, year or in your custom range.

Data Privacy
All data is stored in your own device locally without uploading to anywhere.

Data Migration
Support CSV file import from any source and export

Other Features:
- Multiple Currencies
- Map View
- Tags
- Record Payment Method
- Colorful Themes
- Export data in CSV format
- Import CSV data from other sources
- Auto Backup

Premium Features:
- Remove Ads
- Dark Theme
- Password / Face ID / Touch ID Protection
- Unlimited Tags
- Unlimited Payment Methods in Records
- Unlimited Templates