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Bike Outliner

by Jesse Grosjean
Mac Productivity Requires macOS 11.0


About Bike Outliner

Write to think.
Bike is an unusually fast outlining app.
Unlike a web app, Bike is efficient and at home on your Mac.

• Use Bike to organize your thoughts.
• Make lists, take notes, and save your ideas.
• Bike is a powerful outlining tool for writers and thinkers.

Key Features
• Clean and simple outliner
• Fluid outlining experience
• Fold and focus to manage big outlines
• Fast keyboard navigation & commands
• Fast fully native macOS Application

Supporting Features
• Innovative rich text editor
• Improved macOS text checking
• Great at text and outline editing
• Word count and fullscreen editing
• Typewriter scrolling & text focus modes
• Active support community ready to help
• Printing, quicklook, and icon thumbnails
• Bike uses open file formats. (.html, .opml, .txt)
• Use Shortcuts to control and automate Bike
• Use AppleScript to control and automate Bike

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