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Task Flow - Tasks & Checklists

by Vladimir Butko
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Task Flow - Tasks & Checklists

"Task Flow focuses you on all upcoming tasks." - iPhoneBlog.de
"Task Flow: The Ultimate app to stop hoarding tasks." - The Web App Market
"My Task Flow gives you a beautiful overview of the tasks you need to tackle on next." - Creativerly

Proudly created in Canada.

Task Flow is designed to give you the tools you need to actually do the tasks that you set out to do instead of acting as a graveyard for good intentions and can be a simple to-do app or a full-bore task management app — it's up to you!

Organize tasks in a way that makes sense for you. Have multiple tasks that you'd like to complete today but are part of different projects? Task Flow gives you a time-based view of what needs to be done, or you can create your own structure to suit the way you work.

Task Flow offers:

- A number of customizable ways for you to prioritize and structure your tasks all while still keeping tasks in their individual projects.

- My Task Flow — Decide which tasks need to be done soon and put them in My Task Flow, ready to be checked off. It doesn't matter which project they're in because the My Task Flow view can be time-based, ensuring you never miss another important due date. Recently-added tasks that aren't yet assigned to a project appear as 'recent' tasks, ready for processing.

Time-based views allow you to keep tasks around — perfect for tasks that can take multiple days to complete but you always want at the top of your task list. Setting a due date would only tell you when the task needs to be completed by. Putting it into My Task Flow means it's always there, reminding you until you're ready to check it off.

My Task Flow is endlessly flexible. You could create any number of sections to suit the way you think and work. By default, sections for "Recent", "Today", and "Upcoming" are available but why not follow the Getting Things Done example and create a section for items that you can complete in two minutes or less? That way you'll see all of your quick-win tasks in one place, ready to be checked off.

- The ability to put a task into multiple projects. Going on vacation and have a task to 'buy car sweets' for the ride? Put it into your "Groceries" and "Vacation" projects so you'll always know it's there. Mark the task complete in one project and it'll be marked complete everywhere.

- Focus Timer gives you a way to ensure you're focused on the task at hand, even when you might otherwise get distracted. Set a timer for how long you want to work and then take a break to recharge the batteries. Need a few more minutes to wrap up a task? You can postpone the end of a timer to give you a little more time. A continuous option ensures that you won't miss the end of a session.

- Projects can be viewed as simple lists or as Kanban boards — the choice is yours. Projects can be customized with custom icons and colors, too.

- Subtasks, priorities, notes, and attachments make sure each task has as much information as it could possibly need. Have a task that's more important than the others within a project? Mark it as a higher priority!

- Widgets — See your tasks and add new ones right from your iPhone and iPad Home screen.

Unlike some of the many task managers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Task Flow is under active development and continues to grow with each new update. You can learn more at https://taskflowapp.com

Website: https://taskflowapp.com
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