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Task Flow

Tasks & Checklist

by Vladimir Butko
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Task Flow: Tasks & Checklist

"Task Flow focuses you on all upcoming tasks." - iPhoneBlog.de
"Task Flow: The Ultimate app to stop hoarding tasks." - The Web App Market
"My Task Flow gives you a beautiful overview of the tasks you need to tackle on next." - Creativerly

Proudly created in Canada.

Revitalize Your Productivity with Task Flow: To-Do & Reminders

Task Flow is more than just a to-do list; it's a comprehensive task manager and planner designed to transform your good intentions into achievements. Whether you prefer a straightforward checklist approach or a full-fledged task management system, Task Flow adapts to your style.

Organize, Plan, and Track with Ease

Seamlessly organize and track your tasks, whether they're daily errands or part of larger projects. Task Flow's unique time-based view and customizable structures cater to how you work, ensuring your to-do list is always relevant and organized.

Key Features of Task Flow:

- Versatile Prioritization: Discover numerous ways to structure and prioritize tasks without losing sight of their project affiliations. Use Task Flow's dynamic 'My Task Flow' feature to focus on imminent tasks across all projects, ensuring no deadline is missed.

- Multi-Project Integration: Easily link a single task, like 'buy car sweets', to multiple projects like 'Groceries' and 'Vacation', keeping you organized and efficient. Completion in one project marks it done everywhere.

- Focus Timer: Boost your concentration with our Focus Timer. Set dedicated work periods and breaks to maintain productivity and avoid burnout. Extend timers for task completion and leverage the continuous option for uninterrupted work sessions.

- Project Visualization: Visualize your projects your way – as simple lists or dynamic Kanban boards. Personalize with custom icons and colors to make each project uniquely yours.

- Comprehensive Task Details: Enhance each task with subtasks, priorities, notes, and attachments for a detailed, organized approach. Highlight critical tasks within a project with elevated priorities.

- Effortless Task Access with Widgets: Interact with your tasks directly from your iPhone and iPad Home screen. View and add tasks conveniently through our intuitive widgets.

Task Flow is the ultimate organizer and tracker for anyone looking to master their to-do list, manage their day efficiently, and keep track of tasks in a GTD (Getting Things Done) manner. Whether you're planning daily tasks or tracking progress in various projects, Task Flow is your go-to app for staying organized and productive.

Unlike some of the many task managers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Task Flow is under active development and continues to grow with each new update. You can learn more at https://taskflowapp.com

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