Folders File Manager icon

Folders File Manager

by Andriy Konstantynov
Mac Utilities Requires macOS 13.0


About Folders File Manager

Folders File Manager is designed for users who recently transitioned from a PC as well as for those who have always missed a tree-style file manager on their Mac. Everything in Folders feels as familiar as possible while satisfying your passion for beautiful-looking apps.

Clean, functional UI:
Get everything you’d expect from a file manager, with the most used functions brought to the top.

Easy navigation:
Familiar from other operating systems, the folder tree feels right where it belongs.
• Multiple windows and multiple tabs
• Convenient access to your Home and iCloud Drive folders
• Expandable, rearrangeable Favorites
• Expandable folder symlinks
• Recent files, color tags, text tags, and star rating in the tree

Four consistently behaving file views:
Table, List, Icons, and Gallery view.
• “Folders first” grouping
• File changes shown in bold
• Open files with Return key
• Quick Look preview
• Play audio and video files directly in Gallery view
• Text recognition with Live Text in Gallery view
• Touch bar support

Separate File Info panel:
• Built-in preview including audio and video files
• File details with EXIF and other metadata
• Set multiple color tags (works correctly in iCloud folders on macOS Catalina), text tags, star rating

File operations beyond basics:
• Cut via Bin with ⌘X
• Create and extract ZIP archives
• Edit text files and perform basic operations on images
• Create an empty (blank) file
• Powerful Batch Rename
• Compare file properties on conflicts during copy/move
• Discover and mount network shares

Comprehensive undo:
Undo any file operation including replacements and folder mergers.

Universal app:
Runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Lifetime license:
One-time purchase with no ads or subscriptions.
• Try Folders with a fully functional 14-days trial period