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Fitness Monitor

by Sascha Thoeni
iPhone Watch Health & Fitness Requires iOS 16.0


About Fitstatics - Fitness Monitor

Fitstatics is the ultimate app for fitness enthusiasts who want to track and analyze their workouts on the go.
Whether you run, bike, hike, or do any other activity, Fitstatics lets you see your performance data directly on your Apple Watch or your iPhone.
There's no other app allowing you to do that.
You can connect to HealthKit and access various statistics like heart rate, pace, elevation, route, and more.
You can also view interactive charts to see how you progress during your workout.
And if you want to share your achievements with your friends, you can do that too, right from your watch.

But that’s not all.
Fitstatics also has a powerful iPhone app that gives you even more features.
You can see all your workout photos and videos along the route, and relive your best moments.
You can also share your workouts using beautiful templates that showcase your stats and visuals.
You can choose from different apps to share with, or post directly to Facebook stories or groups.

Fitstatics is the only app you need to take your fitness to the next level.
Download it today and start enjoying the benefits of smart and easy workout tracking and analysis.

All Features:

• iPhone & Apple Watch
Analyze your workouts on the iPhone and even on the Apple Watch. Fitstatics for the Apple Watch App also works without the iPhone App.

• Photos
Watch the photos of your workout and see them along the route

• Route
Explore your route and analyze your splits

• Widgets
Recap your workout with multiple widget styles.
Choose between summary, pace, route or photos or shuffle trough all widget styles.

• Complications
Open Fitstatics directly from your Watch face.

• Notifications
Get a short workout summary when a new workout is detected. Jump right into it with a single tap.

• Strava Synchronisation
Automatically upload new workouts to Strava and share them with friends

• File Export
Export Garmin Fit File (with multiple metadata like calories, bpm, temperature)
Export GPX File (including heart rate if available)

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