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Little Big Steps! Goal Tracker

by Owen Pigott
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 9.0, iPadOS 9.0


About Little Big Steps! Goal Tracker

A goal tracker that makes you accountable to yourself. Enter your goals, mark yourself out of 10 each day and improve consistency and effort.

Goal tracking doesn't need to be over complicated or an admin burden. There are two important ingredients that this goal tracker simplifies:

1. Consistency.
2. Effort.

Little Big Steps is a goal tracker that improves both by tracking your daily effort, out of 10, towards your goals. If you only score 1 a day it can greatly add up over time. If your goal is to get fit, 10 minutes of exercise a day is 61 hours of exercise a year.

It separates consistency from effort with two key features to make achieving your goals easier.

Goal tracker features:

1. Start by being consistent with your goals with 'No Zero Days Streaks' - How long can you go without having a zero day?
2. Then increase effort with Target Scores - Gradually increase effort at a sustainable pace, personalised to you.
3. Stats to analyse your effort by goal and by day of the week.
4. Custom notifications with messages set by you.
5. Dark Mode!

With this goal tracker all you have to do is spend a minute a day marking yourself out of 10. There's no login screen, no subscriptions and no unnecessary forms to fill in. Good luck with your goals!