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Help you focus

by Osuke Matsunaga
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About TimeRoom - Help you focus

No sound! And no vibrations! So it can be used in study rooms, libraries, any quiet environment!
This clock is designed to help you concentrate. You can also customize it.

【Recommended for...】
・Students who use study rooms and libraries.
・Business people who use co-working spaces.
・People who often work in cafes.
・People who want to use their phone as a clock
・People who are looking for a timer in a quiet space.

【TimeRoom features】
●Silent and non-vibrating
This app was developed by the developer in the first place for use in the quiet environment of a study room. This app was originally developed by the developer for use in a quiet environment such as a study room, making it ideal for use in quiet environments or environments where consideration for your surroundings is required!

●Alarm and stopwatch function
Suitable for study time and timed work. The alarm and stopwatch functions are ideal for studying and time-consuming tasks. A large, well-designed alarm and stopwatch function.

●A large and well-designed clock
We have designed the clock to be easy to read and not to interfere with your work. The clock is designed to be easy to read and not to interfere with your work.

●Customize your clock to make it your own!
Not only can you turn on/off the alarm sound and vibration, but you can also change the display of the second hand and switch the screen to auto-sleep! You can also switch the display of the second hand and the screen to sleep automatically.

●We've listened to our users!
You can send us your feedback from within the app, so we get a lot of feedback and requests every day. If you have any questions, please let us know. If you have any concerns, please send them to us!