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Relax & Focus

by Matteo Spada
iPhone iPad Health & Fitness Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0


About Sound+: Relax & Focus

Sound+ is your mental SPA, a quiet and peaceful place where to escape whenever you need a little time off.
The daily stress can adversely effect all our lives. However there is a simple solution to fight it, that can bring huge benefits in a short time. Listening to relaxing sounds.
Studies confirm that relaxing sounds, such as the wildlife, have an immediate action on our mind: they reduce stress levels, increase productivity and help us to sleep better. 
You can use Sound+ for meditating, for focusing or simply for taking a moment to unwind. Right away you will be able to feel a calm feeling, but you’ll find that the real benefits of this practice will come with time.
The stats included in the application will help you to monitor your weekly progress, every session is saved and shown inside a chart that allows you to keep track of your journey.
Sound+ offers a selection of high quality ambient recordings, created by professional sound artists.
Simply close your eyes and imagine being in front of the ocean or on the banks of a river.
We sincerely hope that Sound+ may give you lots of moments of wellness.