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by Vivien BERNARD
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Sandypad

Sandypad is a speedrun timer.

The app was made for iOS, taking advantage of the platform technologies.

Add one or more games, and for each of them, add as many categories as you’d like.

Adjust the timer by defining the precision (seconds, tenths, hundreths or thousandths). It is also possible to set a countdown to adjust the start of the run.

Set which information are displayed during a run like the sum of best or the best possible time.

For each category, show the segments and their time, and modify them with an intuitive user interface.

Sync your times on all your devices using iCloud.

Take advantage of widgets which allow you to quickly access the last runned games and open them right from the home screen.

The app saves all you runs times, allowing you to come back to and analyse any previous run.

On iPad, take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to manage your run without even touching the screen.