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Finance Assistant

by Firdauz Haris
iPhone iPad Business Requires iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0


About Percountant: Finance Assistant

Percountant is your personal accountant. A simple yet not lacking in features bookkeeping app.

Made for individuals and small businesses, it’s lightweight (less than 5MB), easy to use, and doesn’t block you from overviewing your business’s financial health behind a paywall.

It’s simplicity in design doesn’t turn you into an accountant but takes the workload off of you, so you can focus on your business.

It also respects your privacy. Percountant doesn’t collect nor share any of your business data.

No account creations needed. No tutorials to go through. Download it, and use it right away. If help is needed, Percountant has built it support in the form of FAQ and a way to directly contact the developer.

The interface was designed is such a way that it makes logical sense of entering, reading, and managing your business finance. It gets rid of all the unnecessary clutters of a regular bookkeping app.

For iPadOS, it supports multitasking and you can open as many Percountant views as you like. Resize them to your liking, compare your revenue and expenses side by side with slide over or split views.

Percountant is your personal accountant, and a savvy one who answers your financial questions from the perspective of a business owner.

* Non-cluttered interface design
* Bank-like precision accounting with base-10 arithmetic and no rounding of numbers
* Safe and private. Doesn’t collect any of your data
* Flexibility to create your own category and tie it to the products/services you offer
* Useful summaries that show gross profit, percentage and also in graphs
* Export and share daily statements
* Generate receipts for you clients
* Track the sales of your clients or the venues
* Attach photos (eg: business receipts) to individual transaction and view them in a gallery (requires premium account)

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