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Hymn Tracker

by Mark Perryman
iPhone iPad Productivity Requires iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0


About Hymn Tracker

HymnTracker is a powerful tool for the brother or sister who has been called to assemble the weekly hymns for sacrament meeting, primary program or primary class.

HymnTracker is a great way to keep a running history of all the weekly sacrament meeting hymns that have been sung. HymnTracker helps you quickly create the weekly programs and send them electronically. With HymnTracker, you can view the usage data for each hymn to quickly see when it was last used and for what usage type (Opening, Sacrament, Rest, Closing or Special Musical Number). You can then create a PDF to share via Email, Text or AirDrop.

- Create weekly sacrament meeting programs.
- Create PDF reports of all weekly programs
- Share PDF reports via AirDrop, Text or Email
- Share your programs with another user.
- Set the programs type to either Regular (Weekly), Ward Conference, Stake Conference or General Conferece
- We encourage you to enter blank programs for Stake and General conferences because this helps when creating the next weekly programs date. Our program always looks for the next Sunday's date and if you've entered all programs then you don't have to change the date on your weekly program.

- Search hymns by category, topic, hymn name or number
- Filter hymns by topic.
- Track which hymns have been sung, when & for what type.
- View statistics about how a hymn has been used. The different usage types that can be set for a hymn include Opening, Sacrament, Rest, Closing and Special Musical Number.
- If you're unfamiliar with a hymn you can listen to either the instrumental or vocal version of the hymn. (Vocal is default)
- View the sheet music for each hymn

- Dark Mode
- Catalogs Supported: Hymnal and Children's Songbook

- Sidebar navigation for iPads
- 2 column layout (Split Screen) for iPads

This app is not developed by nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All Hymnal and Children's Songbook entries have been provided by Singpraises.net.