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Filter Camera

by Ritchie Roesch
iPhone Photo & Video Requires iOS 15.0


About RitchieCam — Filter Camera

RitchieCam is a free app for streamlining your iPhone photography. Easy to use. With intuitive minimalistic controls, RitchieCam is simple for beginners, yet useful for experienced photographers. Whether you have no interest in cameras yet want some snaps of your kids or pets or vacation to share on social media, or if you are a pro doing a Route 66 photography project, or anywhere in-between, you’ll find this app straightforward enough—yet sophisticated enough—for your needs. One-step philosophy. RitchieCam produces photos that are ready to be shared or printed the instant that they’re captured (no editing needed!), which saves you time and hassle. There are 17 filters in RitchieCam to choose from: 14 color and 3 B&W. These filters have a retro vibe, and you’re sure to find at least one that compliments your style. Three are available for free—Standard Film, Analog Color, and B&W Negative; unlock the other 14 by becoming a RitchieCam Patron for only $9.99 (USD + Tax Annually) today!

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