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by Atadore SARL
Mac Productivity Requires macOS 12.0


About ExportNote

Use ExportNote to continuously save local html or markdown files for your Evernote notes, so that you always have a local copy that you can browse and read.

If you’ve carefully curated a tag hierarchy, then you’ll know how important it is that this is preserved. ExportNote does that, replicating your tag hierarchy on disk. Your note content isn’t duplicated if a note is tagged (they use symbolic links), which saves space.

The creation and modification dates on the generated files match those of their corresponding notes, so you can search locally using this kind of metadata. Also note properties such as location data are available in the generated html files.

Your Evernote tag hierarchy is reflected in the generated Markdown front matter, as are all your other note properties such as the longitude and latitude, if set.

Use the generated index web page to browse your html content locally or use the finder.

The initial sync may take several hours, but this is a one-time thing, subsequent syncs take seconds.

By default the app exports a subset of your notes, however you can use a one-time payment or an annual subscription to unlock the export of all your notes, continuously.

ExportNote is in no way associated with nor endorsed by Evernote.

Terms of use : https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/