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Organize & Track

by Frank Thamel
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Bookmarks: Organize & Track

Stay organized and manage your bookmark links with “Bookmarks: Organise and Track”

Bookmarks is a must-have app on your device as it allows you to experience a hassle-free internet experience. With Bookmarks, you can save your favorites, add tags, track state, set reminders, and even organize links in folders and projects to improve your productivity and focus on what matters. Researchers, students, developers, and simply anyone who keeps bookmarks in their day-to-day internet browsing will be benefited from this app.

Key features

* With folders and projects, you can organize your life hierarchically in a way that makes sense to you, not the app.
* Create and save smart shortcuts and perform powerful queries across projects
* Supports a clean Kanban view for better state management.
* Quick link previews, so that you never want to leave the app.
* Endless customization for states, priorities, actions, and tags.
* Actions, Tags, and Priorities make it easier to categorize and search bookmarks.
* Share extensions and an automatic title generator make it easier to create bookmarks.
* iCloud syncing ensure all of your devices are on the same page.
* Notifications with smart actions, so you’ll never miss a scheduled bookmark again.
* Customization including app theme and app icons to make sure everything fits with your device theme.
* Home screen widgets to keep your progress just a glance away.

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Happy Bookmarking!