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TV Launcher

Live US Channels

by Adam Foot
iPhone iPad Mac Apple TV Entertainment Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0
App Store $4.99


About TV Launcher - Live US Channels

TV Launcher brings 90+ live UK TV channels that you know and love into one convenient launcher across Apple platforms. As the perfect app for cord-cutters, it’s never been easier to start watching live channels.

* As featured on iMore & 9to5Mac *

Appleʼs TV app makes it easy to track programmes that have already been on but for the occasions where you want to watch live, it’s not so straightforward. You’ll have to open the app, find where the channels list is within the app, locate the channel you want to watch and the press play.

TV Launcher takes away that pain by combining live channels from across multiple streaming apps into one location. Selecting a channel will then take you directly to the channel in the app without jumping through any hoops!

TV Launcher contains these great features:


TV Launcher supports many US streaming platforms that have live TV! You’ll be able to jump straight to channels in CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX NOW, Discovery+, FXNOW, Pluto TV, TNT, TBS, Nat Geo TV, CNN, Bloomberg, Cheddar News, DisneyNOW, ESPN and NBA.


You don’t even have to open TV Launcher to get to the channel you want to watch. With the Widget, you can launch channels directly from your Home or Lock Screen and support for Siri Shortcuts means you can watch channels using just your voice on this device or a connected HomePod!

There is also a Shortcut that will allow you to open the channel on your linked Apple TV too!


Choose to see what's on now and up next or, view a full day's worth of listings so you can decide what to watch before choosing a channel.


If you have a select few channels you always like to watch, add them to your favorites list.


Not interested in the news or don’t have kids? Choose the channels you want to hide and only keep around the ones you’re likely to watch. If you don’t have a streaming app installed, you can hide channels from those too.


Your favorite channels, hidden channels and other settings all sync via iCloud so if you have multiple devices using TV Launcher, they'll all be kept in sync.


Choose from East or West so you get shown the channels you expect.


TV Launcher supports many layout configurations so you can organise your channels exactly how you’d like to find them.There are options for grouping by app, category or a full list of channels with sorting options too.


If you can’t find the channel you’re looking for, search for it!

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Please note that to watch a selected channel, you will need the respective app installed. TV Launcher cannot be guaranteed to work outside the US due to the selection of apps available in specific countries. All channels and their respective trademarks are owned by them and this app is not affiliated with them in any way.

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