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Doodly Doo

Games for Kids

by Gertjan Smits
iPhone iPad Games Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Doodly Doo - Games for Kids

Introducing Doodly Doo: A World of Fun and Creativity for your Little Ones!

Engage your child's imagination with our exciting and interactive games tailored for toddlers and kids. Doodly Doo is packed with delightful surprises, offering three captivating games: Coloring, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Memory.

Watch as your child transforms into a budding artist with our Coloring Pages. With over 12 unique drawings to complete, both digitally and with real pencils and markers, your little one will feel like a true artist!

Unlock the puzzle-solving skills in your child with our Jigsaw Puzzles. Choose from three levels of difficulty, ranging from 4 to 16 pieces. The easiest level even provides a helpful preview of the final picture.

Let the memory games begin! In our engaging Memory game mode, your child will enjoy flipping cards and finding matching pairs. With three levels of increasing complexity, ranging from 6 to 12 cards, it's a fantastic way to challenge their concentration skills.

And that's not all! After completing each game, your child will be rewarded with an explosion of party balloons and bubbles. Just wait until you see their face light up with joy and pride!

Discover a world of lovable characters within Doodly Doo. From silly birds to adorable dinosaurs, your child will fall in love with these captivating friends. And don't worry, we're constantly adding new characters to keep the excitement alive!

We understand the importance of a balanced screen-time routine. That's why we offer the option to print your child's artwork and encourage maximum creativity on real paper with pencils or markers.

Doodly Doo's Features:

14 delightful Coloring Pages designed for toddlers
Explore 42 unique Jigsaw Puzzles across 3 difficulty levels
Engage in Memory Games with 3 progressively challenging levels
Enhance logical thinking and fine motor skills
Experience rewarding animations upon completing each game
Perfectly designed for both iPhone and iPad
Calling all Parents! Doodly Doo is a safe and trusted space for your child's play and learning. We've included a range of features designed specifically for you: disable music, sounds, or animations if you prefer, and even hide the difficulty settings to ensure a seamless experience for your little one.

So why wait? Take some well-deserved time off while your child explores the magical world of Doodly Doo. Watch as their imagination flourishes and their skills blossom!

Note: Doodly Doo is expertly crafted and tested for children aged 2 years and older.

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