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Running Calculator | True Pace

by Josh Adams
iPhone iPad Watch Health & Fitness Requires iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1


About Running Calculator | True Pace

NEW: Transfer your race to your Apple Watch and use True Pace on the watch to show you the target pace for each mile, so you can stay dialed in! Additionally on later models of Apple Watch some of the new running statistics like stride length and vertical oscillation are also available.

There are many pace calculator apps that spit out a finishing time if you hold one pace for the entire race. But, you’re probably not going to run an even pace; what’s more, you probably shouldn’t! Running your race at a steady pace might be holding you back. 

True Pace can calculate a finishing time with a pace that varies each mile (or kilometer).

With True Pace you can:

• Account for a slower pace at mile 3 because of a huge uphill
• Compare the results of different pacing strategies
• Graphically see how your pace will change during the race
• Take notes to plan your race—reminders about hills, water stations, or fueling
• Share the races you’ve made with your friends or a coach
• Compute race results with dynamic paces for the 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half marathon, and marathon
• Send your race plan to your Apple Watch so you stay on track during your race

Pacing Strategies

True Pace allows you to easily compare pacing strategies for your race. Want to see what your marathon time would be if you run 8 minute miles for the first 20 miles, and then hit 7:45 pace for the last 6.2 miles? True Pace can tell you.

Plus True Pace allows you to pit _that_ outcome against other strategies, say starting the marathon at 8:15 minute mile pace and getting faster by 5 seconds per mile every 6 miles. True Pace enables you to make pacing strategies and tweak them with very few taps—because, let’s face it, most of us don’t live for data entry!

Duplicating races you have already made is feature; it lets you analyze a new pacing strategy without starting from scratch—and without losing your previous work.

Heck, if you’re such a special snowflake that you think running a positive split is the best strategy for you, True Pace will help you too!


True Pace also shows an interactive graph, called a “Paceline” that will help you understand at a glance how your pace will change during the course of the race. This is especially useful in races that have significant hills, which will certainly affect your pace.

Simply swipe your finger across it so see the pace for each individual mile.

Race Notes

True Pace allows you take enter a note for each mile (or kilometer) of your race. This is a great way to add useful details, like reminders about hills, water stations, fueling, or even reminding yourself that you are such a badass you can handle the grueling pace for the last 3 miles!

Use of emojis is encouraged in these notes!


One a race has been saved, you can easily share it with your friends via Messages, email, or AirDrop. To view your saved race, they will need to have True Pace installed—but it’s a free app so that’s not a problem.


True Pace was built by a single independent developer who likes to try for PRs in his races. He got fed up with janky spreadsheets to do these calculations, and True Pace is the result. As such, you can use all of True Pace’s features for free.

There is one limit; without making the one-time In App Purchase, only 2 races can be _saved_. But you can of course delete them and continue to make new races. If you find this app useful, please consider helping support its ongoing development by purchasing the ability to save as many races as you can fit on your device!