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Clip Jar

by 日杰 李
iPhone iPad Utilities Requires iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0


About Clip Jar

Clip Jar is a handy tool to managing text clips on iOS. It's perfect for people who often copy and paste from websites, messages, social media, and more.

Like most iOS users, I always save short text clips to Notes. As time goes by, the Notes app becomes messy and difficult to find the text clip. We know how tough it is to manage short text clips on iOS, so we built Clip Jar.

Clip Jar has a simple interface that helps you save text clips and share them in efficient ways. It provides shortcuts to switch to common apps after copying. By using the word selection feature, you can choose the content you want via swiping gestures. It can also detect links, mail, phone or address in the text and provide some useful actions.

# How Clip Jar help you manage daily text clips

## Save text clips in a various way

Saving text clips is a very important feature of our product. We have designed various ways to reduce the number of clicks when saving text clips:

- Homescreen widget
- Automatic read pasteboard text
- Long press on + button

## Filter, search and select words

Search by keywords, or use our sidebar filter to browse text clips by type or category, finding a clip made easy in our app. Hold on, if you don't want to share all text, you can also use the "Word Selection" feature to select partial words via a swipe gesture. Try it out!

## Share / Quick Actions

By using app shortcuts, you can switch between common apps* without going back to home screen.

For some clips that contain phone numbers, email, addresses, and links, you can open them in Safari, make a phone call, and send emails directly through Quick Action.

Have questions? Contact us on Twitter @TidyFrameApp or email

Privacy Policy:


Common apps: Currently we support Twitter, Facebook, Skype and other nine apps. In the future, we will support customize URL Scheme for pro users.

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