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Block YT Distractions

by Yevhen Tretiakov
iPhone iPad Mac Productivity Requires iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0
App Store $1.99


About UnTrap - Block YT Distractions

UnTrap is a Safari extension for iPhone, iPad and Mac that lets you hide YouTube related videos, shorts, comments, suggestions wall, homepage recommendations, trending, and other distractions.

Toggle the options through the popup to customize your own YouTube experience! Available more than 50 options!

NOTE: This extension does NOT work with the YouTube App. It works only in the Safari browser with the YouTube Website.


• Home Page
- Hide Suggestions (All / All but the first row)
- Hide Suggestions Categories
- Hide Extra Rows (Shorts, Trending, etc.)
- Disable Infinite Scrolling
- Hide Ads - First Slot in Suggestions

• Video Page
- Hide Entire Sidebar (Default Content Layout / Center Content)
- Hide Related Videos
- Hide Shorts from Sidebar Suggestions
- Hide Sidebar Live Chat
- Automatically Show Chapters in The Sidebar
- Hide Video End Screen Suggestions
- Hide Video End Screen Infos
- Disable Video Autoplay
- Hide Play Next Button
- Hide Video Title
- Hide Channel Owner Info
- Hide Menu Buttons (Like, Share, etc.)
- Hide Video Description Block
- Hide Comments
- Hide Comment Teaser
- Hide Comment Replies
- Hide Comment Usernames
- Hide Comment Profile Pictures
- Lowercase Video Titles
- Edit Thumbnails (Hide / Blur)
- Hide Ads - Sidebar Ads

• Search Page
- Hide Results - Shorts
- Hide Results - For You, Trending, etc.
- Hide Results - People Also Search For
- Hide Ads - Promoted Websites
- Hide Ads - Promoted Videos
- Hide Ads - Suggested Products

• Subscriptions Page
- Hide Watched Videos
- Hide Shorts

• Left Navigation Bar
- Hide Entire Sidebar
- Hide Button - Home
- Hide Button - Shorts
- Hide Button - Subscriptions
- Hide Button - Library
- Hide Button - History
- Hide Button - Your Videos
- Hide Button - Watch Later
- Hide Button - Liked Videos
- Hide Button - Show More
- Hide Button - Browse Channels
- Hide Section - Library, etc.
- Hide Section - Subscriptions
- Hide Section - Explore
- Hide Section - More From YouTube
- Hide Section - Helper Buttons
- Hide Section - Footer

• Top Header
- Hide Top Header
- Disable Logo Link
- Hide Logo
- Hide Notifications Bell
- Hide Create Button
- Hide Voice Search Button
- Hide Search Bar

• Metrics
- Hide Likes
- Hide Views
- Hide Subscribers Counter
- Hide Time Since Video Published
- Hide Comments Count

• Redirects
- Redirect Home to the: (Subscriptions / Watch Later / Library)
- Redirect Shorts to the Video Player


- Password Protection
Once you have set the required settings, you may want to prevent changes to these settings or prevent the extension from being disabled, and password protection will help with this.

- Schedule Blocking
You can select the required time and days on which the YouTube site will not be available for visiting. Instead of the usual YouTube, the site will display a message about unavailability. You can also additionally activate the blocking of the extension itself during these periods.

- Options Categories and Search
In order not to get lost in a large number of settings, all options are divided by page types and categories (Home Page, Subscriptions Page, Video Page, Navigation Sidebar, etc.). And also you can instantly find the desired option using the search.

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