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Encamera Secret Photo Vault

by Alex Freas
iPhone Photo & Video Requires iOS 17.2


About Encamera Secret Photo Vault

Download Encamera and start protecting your pictures and videos today. With a minimalist and intuitive interface, Encamera is a very easy-to-use photo locker and album photo vault app.

Encamera secures personal photos and videos by encrypting every photo you take, storing them on your device or on your personal iCloud. Lock intruders out with Face ID, PIN protection, and incredibly strong encryption. With Encamera, you can control where and how your secure data is stored.

Use Encamera for:
• Keeping special photos hidden from your gallery
• Storing documents and other personal data
• Everyday media protection

Why is Encamera different?

● Capture images straight from the app or widget. You don’t need to worry about deleting images from the default gallery anymore!
● No account is needed. Not even your email address!
● No data tracking and no ads. Forever. We promise!
● Intuitive and minimalist design so you could import and take secure images and videos with no hassle
● Open source app. Yes, if you’re into tech stuff you can check our source code.
Basic features:

● Take photos or videos directly from the app, without saving them into your default album first
● Take quick photos from your lockscreen using our widget
● Organise your images into folders
● Import already taken images from your gallery
● Store images on your phone
Encamera’s premium features:
• Unlimited photo storage
• Unlimited number of photo albums
• iCloud storage


Premium Subscription

Encamera offers three pricing tiers for purchasing premium:

• Lifetime access for a one-time fee
• Yearly access, billed annually. Free 7-day trial!
• Monthly access, billed monthly